Webinar: Communicating lifestyle change - UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2020

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This webinar introduces a new chapter, coordinated and lead-authored by Climate Outreach, on the role of equitable low-carbon lifestyles in the prestigious United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report (EGR), published December 2020.


Wednesday 20th January 2021, 4-5pm GMT

Chaired by: Adam Corner, Climate Outreach
Susie Wang, Climate Outreach
Stuart Capstick, Cardiff University, Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations
Radhika Khosla, University of Oxford

Written with a team of international experts, including our partners at the Centre for Climate Change & Social Transformations (CAST), the chapter - Bridging the Gap: The role of Equitable Low Carbon Lifestyles -  is the first time the EGR has included a focus on lifestyle changes (or ‘consumption emissions’) as part of its analyses of the emissions ‘gap’ - that is, the difference between where the world is and where it should be on climate change.

This webinar will take you through the key insights from the chapter, including where emissions come from, and how - from a public engagement perspective - they can be rapidly reduced.

In this webinar the lead authors of this chapter will present:

  • The consumption problem - the contribution of lifestyles to global emissions, equity, & the three sectors
  • Realising lifestyle change - individual & system change 
  • Communicating lifestyle change & the way ahead
20 Jan 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00
United Kingdom